~Our Mission~

..... To provide a strong and healthy working dog for the average farmer/stockman and rancher with lots of cattle instinct ready for all types of farm life and family. 

Our dogs are farm raised --  meaning they are involved with every aspect of our daily lives.  Our dogs are by our side as we feed cows, sort and move calves, bring in for bad weather, doctor and process, or load into the trailer.  Our dogs ride in the pick-up, flat-bed, or 4-Wheeler all around the farm, to the local coop & feed store, and meet and greet us every time we come home.   We do not show our dogs and do not breed them for that purpose.  Our bloodlines have been chosen specifically from working stock breeders. 

Our dogs are not Kennel raised.  We have pens available, and the dogs are trained to "pen-up" at times when needed for their protection due to bad weather, heavy traffic in the yard, new puppies, ect.  Our puppies are fed solid food as soon as they are able and are played with every day.  They have free range of the farm yard, and are penned each night for their safety.  They are raised as loving family dogs, who love children and love the outdoors.  
TLB Farm & Cattle
                Home of
    Wild Horse Creek Aussies
After purchasing our farm, our first mission was to find the perfect family farm dog.  Having owned Aussies many years ago, we knew we wanted the hard working dog that made the perfect family pet as well.  After several months of searching, we found our beloved "Toby" from a working farm / ranch in Nebraska.  Several months later we finally located "Sadie" from a breeder in Texas, and that was the beginning of our Aussie program.

After our tragic loss of Toby, Christmas Eve, 2006, we are expanding our operations with two new additions. 
"Tucker" was purchased from a breeder north of Concordia, Kansas.  "Shadow was located from a breeder west of Altus, Oklahoma.  Both are from proven working stock, and these two are also registered with the ASCA.

We had many things to learn about breeding Aussies:  Health programs & Certificates, Registries, Working-dog Bloodlines, and Training.  It has taken alot of time and effort to get to where we are today, but we now have in place a program that works for us and for the families that purchase our puppies.

In September, 2010, our Shadow was lost to us and we began searching for another Black-Tri female.  We found the perfect puppy, and traveled to central Nebraska for her.  Our four-year old son just refused to call her anything but "Shadow" so that became her name.  She is the perfect farm pet and has shown wonderful working instincts.  February 2012 was her first litter. 

We have also lost our beloved Sadie, and will miss her very much.  Farm life is just not the same without her.  It has taken us some time, but we are beginning the process of searching for another Red-Tri puppy to attempt to fill her shoes. 

Red-Tri Female
NSDR Registered
UKC Registered
Tragicly Lost
November, 2011

Blue Merle Male
ASCA Registered
NSDR Registered
Black-Tri Female
Tragicly Lost September, 2010
ASCA Registered 
NSDR Registered
"Shadow 2"
Black-Tri Female
ASCA Registered
NSDR Registered