We purchased our farm in the fall of 2003, just a few weeks after we were married.  We were so excited to find this 1/2 section that not only provided pasture and farm ground, but several out buildings, including a machine shed, barn, corrals, calving sheds, and a house, with a few minor updates, was ready for a family to make the place a home.  We purchased our first cows a few weeks later, and have increased our herd every year.  Our herd consists of both registered Limousin and Limousin/Angus Cross cows.  We breed with a Registered Limousin Bull, and have both fall and spring calves.
We raise wheat, milo, and cane feed for our cows.  We have native grass pasture with ponds for our cow herd, along with a windmill close to the house in the corrals.  We have the perfect windbreaks to provide us much needed protection from the cold winter winds.  They also provide us with the perfect calving areas for our cows. 

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Ice Storm.... 2006